The Re-food Model works very, very well – as a practical tool to eliminate food waste and hunger in local communities – while steadily strengthening local social bonds.


The Re-food Formula:


The Re-food Movement is powered by the good will of the community, it takes the form of shared practical action and is sustained by ongoing resource activation.

These dynamic and continuous processes work together to generate significant positive social impact for a wide spectrum of diverse community members.

The action of the Re-food Movement endures through time due to built-in mechanisms that ensure sustainability in three key areas: financial, environmental and social.

The Re-food Movement's differences, make a difference. Its innovations work together to resolve the most challenging problem of food rescue in the commercial consumer environment: "how to provide a sustainable food rescue service to the many, many different and disperse points of collection daily - and in real time".

The Re-food solution to the food rescue challenge points toward the solution for hunger.

Any true solution to the challenge to feed the hungry must necessarily fulfill some basic criteria: It must provide enormous amounts good, nutritious food on a daily basis without exhausting its supply and it must do so continuously and without significant costs –that is, almost for free.

Re-food meets these criteria.