Our current culture of overproduction and waste is not sustainable. One third of all food produced on planet earth ends up in the trash, never reaching the plates of those who need it.

One in eight people do not have access to the food they need. This is true globally, but also locally – in your community and in mine, good food is trashed every day, while some among our fellow citizens go hungry.

Re-food reverses these unfortunate trends while providing a working example of three dimensional sustainability on the community level: economic, environmental and social.


Economic Sustainability

Re-food is powered by goodwill: all of the food is donated freely by food source partners, all of the work is by performed by volunteers motivated by good will, the operational space is donated without costs and the unavoidable operating costs are very low - averaging about $300 per month (easily funded by the good will of the community at large).

The thousands of meals that are rescued and delivered each month by every Re-food center are produced for less than 10 cents each (of course, they are delivered without charge).

Economic sustainability flows from the model’s efficacy and the goodwill of the community.


Environmental Sustainability

Every meal rescued reduces the negative impact of biomass degrading the environment in landfills, while the neighborhood focus of the Re-food model allows us to maximize food collection while minimizing our ecological footprint - much of the collection work can be performed by teams walking and riding bicycles. Additionally, generously donated electric vehicles help maintain our high productivity and low environmental impact.


 Social Sustainability

The positive interaction of many and diverse volunteers, across different generations, produces an air of cooperation and goodwill as Re-food’s work is daily accomplished. The proven tangible social impact plus the positive effects on the volunteers and on the community at large, together with the simple and inclusive organizational model, guarantees the human sustainability and exponential growth of the Re-food Movement.