Every community has immense unused and/or underused resources that can be applied to improve the quality of life of the people who live there.

Re-food identifies and activates these resources - beginning with the enormous quantities of perfectly good food that are daily condemned to the trash for lack of a viable alternative.

Local institutions, public and private, are given the opportunity to provide the physical space (often in disuse) or any other support available to facilitate the implementation of Re-food in their locale, while local businesses are invited to participate in the community effort in those ways that best suit their social responsibility goals – everyone in the community is invited.

However, the greatest resource identified and activated by Re-food is not the abundance of food, the physical spaces or the support of local businesses, but rather the people of goodwill in every community who voluntarily join together to build the human bridge between excess and necessity that effectively changes the world for the better in their own neighborhoods.