People are at the heart of the Re-food process, donating small amounts of their precious time to create value for others.

People working in the kitchens of our food source partners invest a few minutes saving good excess food into Re-food provided packages instead of throwing it away. Hundreds of Re-food volunteers invest a very few hours once a week in food collection, packaging or distribution. Each small personal investment along the way accumulates into a significant return for all involved.



Our supply partners rescue their excess food and give it to our collection teams every day. We provide the food containers and arrive at just the right time to insure zero costs and minimal inconvenience for our partners and the maximum food rescue for us.



Teams of Volunteers complete their rounds daily picking up the rescued food from our partners. They work only about 2 hours each, once a week - walking or riding around their neighborhoods - but they drive change every time they serve.



Other teams of Volunteers meet at our Operations Center to divide the rescued food into family packs. They also work for only 2 hours each week and are, like all volunteers, directly responsible for feeding 8 to 12 people every time they serve.



More teams of Volunteers come to distribute the family packs that same night – most of our beneficiaries com to our door, but, as some live too far away, we “caravan” part of the family pacts for distribution closer to their homes. Finally, a smaller number of people - who have no mobility - receive deliveries directly to their door. All of our rescued food is delivered to those who need it as quickly as possible and everyone who says that they need the food receives it.