An idea is a powerful, but elusive thing. We don´t know where they come from, but we know when their time has come and we know when we have an obligation to put them in practice - that has been the case with the Re-food idea.



The Re-food project began with food collection in a seven block area of Lisbon with one volunteer on a bike. After 30 days there were 30 volunteers and 30 food source partners (the image above is from that time)It evolved quickly, attracting volunteers from the same neighborhood where the food collection took place. It won a prize (and worldwide publicity) at six months and began to expand throughout the neighborhood/parrish. It then began to replicate, doubling its centers every year for the first 4 years (1; 2; 4; 8). In the 5th year, it tripled from 8 to 24 centers, exchanging geometric for exponential replication.



Movements are not launched, they emerge, born of the will of the people who are moved to take up common cause and change the world around them. So it has happened with the Re-food Movement. Our exponential growth is not a function of the efficaciousness of our operational model (although it is quite efficacious), it is rather a function of the will of the people in their communities – the good will of people who care and dare to change the world around them.