The Re-food Movement transforms good will into nutrition – and, that action, over time, causes Re-food to evolve and be transformed.

Re-food’s evolving organization can be referenced here

Re-food’s evolution from IDEA TO PROJECT TO MOVEMENT is very briefly presented in the following tab.

The Movement’s evolving Impact can be very succinctly stated:


Evolution in 5 years:

  • From 1 Volunteer > 4,000 Volunteers
  • From 34 Beneficiaries > 2,500 Beneficiaries
  • From 1,000 meals a month to 46,000 meals a month
  • From an unknown neighborhood project to an exponentially growing Nacional Movement
  • From 1 Center covering 30 food sources in a 7 block area > 25 Centers and 900 food source partners all over Portugal


Re-food has been in movement since its first moments: evolving quantitatively and qualitatively – it grows as citizens decide to change the world in their own communities; it improves as its members discover better ways to accomplish the mission and serve their communities.

Those with interest in how the Re-food Movement can evolve and create positive impact in their own communities should reference the other tabs in the section: PROCESS and PIONEERS.