Re-food serves people by transforming good will into nutrition for those who are most in need.

Those who need food support, whether temporarily or over the long term, often have other needs as well.

Everyone needs a smile and a kind word – and that is always part Re-food’s service, but there are other needs that can be met, not necessarily by Re-food, but by our social impact partners:

Community Re-food

The hunger for company, for a visit in their loneliness is felt by those who live in isolation.

The hunger to return to the job market and support themselves is felt by the unemployed.

The hunger for counsel and a voice when legal proceedings are pending is also felt by those who cannot afford it.

The hunger for assistance when medical crises arise is also felt by those in need.

Many other needs can be met through social impact partnerships within each local community.

We salute and celebrate our Social Impact Partners and invite all those who work closely with those in need and share our desire to change the world to join us.


Re-food’s valued Social Impact Partners:

Each of these social impact partners has identified the Re-food Movement as a desirable force in their community and each has decided to receive and assist those beneficiaries who are in need of their particular service: