Private Institutions have proven that they can help promote change as facilitators in the citizen driven process that results in the implementation of a new Re-food Center.

When citizens decide to bring the Re-food Movement to their community, they always contact the private institutions already present in that community to inform and to invite them to participate as facilitators of the process.

We salute and celebrate our Private Sector Partners and invite all those who work for the good of their community and share our desire to change the world to join us.

Community Re-food


Re-food’s valued Private Sector Partners:

Each of these private institutions has identified the Re-food Movement as a desirable force in their community and each has provided the facilitation possible in support of the implementation process necessary to bring the benefits of the Re-food Model to bear on their community:


If your institution/companie has facilitated the implementation of the Re-food Movement in your community and are not represented here, please accept our apologizes and send us your logo: