The Re-food Movement emerged from an idea born in 2010, started serving one local community in early 2011 and began replicating in 2012. It duplicated its response each year for the first four years: 2011 (0 to 1); 2012 (1 to 2); 2013 (2 to 4); 2013 (4 to 8) and passed to exponential growth in 2015 (8 to 24).

Three necessary forces came together to make this possible: (1) the model proved to be very efficacious; (2) citizens in many different communities proved to be willing and able to conduct the implementation process in their own communities, and (3) the community came forward to provide the means - both necessary and sufficient - to facilitate the growth of the movement.

Power Partners are those farsighted investors who understand that a modest investment in the right social response can produce enormous benefits:

Montepio through their "Youth Volunteering Prize" invested 25.000 EUROS in a small project in 2011, since that time it has increased by a factor of 24 and rescued and served more than 840.000 meals (with a real value of more than 4.000.000 Euros).

SIC Esperança and Mapfre invested just under 60.000 EUROS, half in 2013 and half in 2015, first providing the support

needed to double from 2 to 4 and then from 4 to 8 centers and boosting the capacity of the National Center to continue expanding.

Rock ‘n’ Law invested all of the funds raised in their 2014 event to fight hunger (74.000 EUROS) to support the replication of 20 new Re-food Centers throughout the country – facilitating the expansion of the benefits of the Re-food Movement to many new cities and communities and to hundreds of families in need of food support.

We salute and celebrate the contributions our Power Partners in the fight against food waste and hunger and we invite those who share our desire to change the world to join us – there is much yet to be done.


Re-food’s valued Power Partners:


Each of these power partners enabled results far in excess of what might have been expected – they have made the best possible investment: fighting food waste and hunger, while building solidarity across the community: