The Re-food Movement accomplishes its mission daily in the many local communities that it serves. Hundreds of meals are rescued by hundreds of volunteers to feed hundreds people in need in each Re-food Center.

Sustainability is guaranteed as the low cost/ high production food rescue operation is naturally and generously supported by the local community it serves.    

Our Mission requires us to include the full community in our work – that is accomplished as each local Re-food team invites all members of the community – including all of the companies present – to participate in the work of the movement.


Those companies who step up to facilitate the opening of Re-food Centers in their own communities, demonstrate leadership through direct local action. They execute their duty to social responsibility in a powerful and lasting way - the bridge that they help build between excess and need will serve the community for many, many years.

We salute and celebrate our many Local Partners and invite all who share our desire to change the world to join us.


Re-food’s valued Local Partners:

Each of these local partners has identified the Re-food Movement as a desirable force in their community and each has decided to act to build a better world in their own community:


Due to the elevated number of local partners (thankfully), we have not yet been able to secure and display all of our Partner’s logos - If your organization has supported the opening and/or maintenance of the Re-food Movement in your neighborhood and are not represented here, please accept our apologizes and send us you logo: comunicacao@re-food.org