In the Re-food Movement, more than 900 Food Source Partners (at end of 2015) generously donate their excess food to help feed those most in need.

The first point in the Re-food Mission, “Eliminate Food Waste” is only possible with the good will and active cooperation of each food source partner. From the largest supermarket chain to the smallest café in the neighborhood, each and every contribution and partner is valued as an essential member of the Re-food Family.

Community Re-food

It is indefensible to throw away good food when people are hungry, we salute all of our partners for doing the right thing and we invite all others to join the movement and find a way to rescue their excess food and pass it on to those who need it.

We salute and celebrate our Food Source Partners and invite all others in the food industry who share our desire to change the world, to join us.


Re-food’s valued Food Source Partners:

Each of these food source partners has identified the Re-food Movement as a desirable force in their community and each has decided to end their food waste and donate their good excess food to those who need it:


Due to the elevated number of food source partners (thankfully), we have not yet been able to secure and display all of our Partner’s logos - If your company is actively donating excess food to the Re-food Movement and are not represented here, please accept our apologizes and send us you logo: