In a emerging 100% Volunteer organization -  experiencing exponential growth - the challenge to respond across a wide range of executive responsibilities is a daunting one.

Internally, the Re-food Movement organizes in volunteer executive teams where team members share responsibilities and tasks – the twin challenges of defining and implementing a new and rapidly growing structure while expanding exponentially would not be possible without the professional competencies provided by our executive partners.

PLMJ, KPMG, Silliker and now Primavera and McKinsey, through the Manuel Violante Foundation, each provide invaluable and support in their areas of expertise – they help facilitate the work we do.

We salute and celebrate our Executive Partners and invite all professionals who share our desire to change the world for the better, to lend us their support as well.


Re-food’s valued Executive Partners:

Each of these executive partners has identified the Re-food Movement as a desirable force in their community and each has decided to provide essential services to support our efforts to end food waste and hunger: