The Re-food Movement produces 100% of its significant positive social impact through community partnerships.

Our invitation - and our firm intention - is to build an inclusive matrix of community partnerships citizens, companies and institutions, all working together to make their shared world a better place.

Volunteers, Restaurants, Cafes, Beneficiaries, Local Governments, Churches, Foundations, Universities, Bakeries, City Governments, Social Partners, Supermarkets, Festivals, Caterers, Businesses of all kinds everyone in the community is called to partnership with the Re-food Movement!

Community Re-food

Together, we transform community possibility into community solidarity, beginning and ending, always, with its citizens.?

Our sincere thanks to all of our partners (presented below) and our warm invitation to all who wish to join us!

All of the citizens in the community are invited to partner – as volunteers, beneficiaries or Pioneers…


your time is precious, change the world!


the community cares partner with us!


introducing Re-food & changing communities

Re-food invites all local institutions, public and private, into partnership with from the first moment …

Public Sector

public service facilitating the common good

Private Sector

promoting innovative community solidarity

Social Impact

fellow servants value through synergies

All companies are welcome to participle in their areas of expertise – each in the way that best suits their objectives.

Food Sources

more than 900 partners making Re-food possible!


creating the capacity for more social impact


helping Re-food to inform, reform & transform


good will powered support keeps Re-food on the move

Local Partner

social responsibility in action in local many communities

Power Partner

empowering growth & changing reality for many