Volunteers offer small amounts of their most precious resource - their time – to change the world around them.

Their gift is so great, that in giving it, they, too receive.

Volunteers are the first beneficiaries of the work that they do - they nourish themselves as they feed others.

Every time a volunteer does a 2 hour shift at Re-food, she or he feeds 8 to 10 people in need - in their own community and in real time.

Who has 2 hours, once a week, to end food waste and hunger in their own community?

Community Re-food


We are currently more than 4000 volunteers (at the beginning of 2016) – we can not accommodate all of them here, but do want you to have an idea of who we are. We are students and professors, we are retired persons and children, we are the rich and the poor we are a cross section of our community.

Meet Ana Mafalda, Isabel, André, Micaela, Fátima, Pedro, Té, Luís, Diogo, Catarina, Jaime, Carla, Carla, Mateus, Xana, Samir, Gilda, João, Anabela, António, Inês, Ana Teresa, Feliciano, Mónica, Otília, Filipe, Kat, Luís, Inês, Anabela, Francisca, Daniela, David, Cris, Paula, Paula, Lurdes, Hunter, Sónia, and Nuno - we are a little less than 1% of the Re-food family of Volunteers.