The Re-food Movement


Re-food is an independent, citizen driven, 100% volunteer, eco-humanitarian community charity, working to eliminate food waste and hunger on a neighborhood basis. 

Re-food operates in, of and for the community, working without salaries and avoiding any and all costs / investments that do not serve its mission.

Re-food’s low cost / high productivity model improves the quality of life of people in need while strengthening the social fabric of the local community.





Eliminate food waste and end hunger, involving the full community in common cause.





RE-FOOD ENVISIONS A NEW WORLD, where everyone has the food that they need; where all of the food produced goes first to feed people; where citizens participate actively in the management of precious community resources, and where everyone assumes his or her power, right and obligation to transform the world into a better place.





Equality: We believe that all people have the right to be respected and fed.

Respect: We practice positive human relations, where everyone is respected - we must be a constant and visible force of benevolence in the community.

Inclusion: We believe that all of the people and all of the resources of each community are essential elements and that all must be invited to grow community solidarity.

Sustainability: We closely consider the environmental impact of our work in the community, we respect the availability and contribution of everyone involved and we require financial self-sustainability and transparency on the local, regional, national and international levels.

Optimism: We believe that, with good will and organized effort, it is possible to end food waste and hunger in our world.