The Re-food Movement presents new responses to age old challenges, local tools to repair global damage and a proven path to empower citizens to change their world for the better in their own communities


What is possible?

Re-food began with questioning...


Our Challenge:

Is it possible that we trash 1/3 of all the food we produce?

Is it possible that we – you and I – throw away perfectly good food on a daily basis while our neighbors struggle with food insufficiency?

Is it possible that we have forgotten that good food is precious because it nourishes people and that people too - all people - are precious?

It is possible, it is our current reality.


Our Response:

Is it possible to end enormous amounts of food waste and rescue tons of good food in our own local neighborhoods?

Is it possible to recruit, organize and retain hundreds of volunteers to rescue good food every day - in your community and in mine?

Is it possible to provide good rescued food to those who need it in the same communities where the food is rescued – at no costs to the beneficiaries and at nearly no cost at all?

Is it possible to maintain a high yield/low cost neighborhood food rescue operation that involves all sectors of the community (responsible people, businesses and institutions) - and to do so on a strictly goodwill basis?

It is possible – it is Re-food.